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Tuesday, October 27, 2020  
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Wycombe Hospital

David Hollinghurst


Mr Channon General predominantly Hip and Knee
Mr Fernandes Hip and Knee
Mr Taylor Shoulder & elbow, knee and paeds feet
Mr Matthews Knee
Mr Graham Hands
Mr Blagg Spine

Now 3 SpRs (one when I was there)
Two staff grades

Two wards adjacent to theatres (3) and offices. Ie very handy

On call 1:6 24 hours (technically non-resident after 9pm)
Weekends not split
No cross cover of leave, so relaxed timetable.

Graham / Blagg both recent Oxford trainees giving excellent teaching.

Channon senior consultant, who allows significant amount of operating, if SpR has appropriate experience. Hence more suitable for a senior trainee.

Taylor has very broad practice and is technically excellent surgeon, but a number of SpRs have demanding standards difficult to live up to.

A&E dept fairly weak, but on calls generally quiet.

All this will all change massively when the merger with Stoke occurs (Autumn 05). Trauma @ stoke & elective @ wyc (as per Slough). Suggest you revise once working patterns established. At present there is no indication as what SpR working patterns will be, as consultant rota not agreed.

Generally a friendly DGH.



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