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Tuesday, October 27, 2020  
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Milton Keynes Profile

MILTON KEYNES Hospital Profile - by Oli Pearce(Updated Nov 2008 Derfel Williams)

Consultants and their sub-specialities:

  • Mr Wetherill (Hands, rheumatoid and General)
  • Mr Floyd (Spine and General)
  • Mr Flynn (Knees and Paeds)
  • Mr Wallace (Shoulder and General)
  • Miss Webber ( Revision hips)
  • Mr Khalik (Paeds , Foot & ankle, hip , knees)

 Number of middle grades and SHOs

  • 9 Middle grades (3 SpR, 6 staff grades) - soon to be a 10th middle grade
  • 8 SHOs (aiming for 10 SHOs)

Number of T&O beds, ward names

  • Ward 21 - Elective 28 beds
  • Ward 17 - Trauma 29 trauma beds
  • Day Surgery & Ambulatory care unit for day/overnight cases
  • Ward 5 Childrens ward

Theatre facilities

  • 2 Theatre areas:
  • Phase 1  Theatre 1 (laminar flow) trauma
  • Phase 2 Theatres 11 & 12 (laminar flow) for elective work
  • Trauma a little hit an miss out of hours as no separate theatre for O&G so just when a slot comes up, in jumps O&G with a C-Section  !!!!!!
  • Each consultant has at least 1 elective session (most have 2) and 1 trauma session per week.

Mr Khalik(his only elective list) and Miss Webber operate on Weds pm clashing with teaching!!!!
There is an associate specialists(Khalil Mohammed) who has his own lists with no juniors, and he is happy for SpRs to come along and do some elective operating (ie. joints!) in their free sessions (of which there are plenty).

Daily a.m. trauma list with afternoon NOF# list run by Staff grade

Particularly good teaching posts at this centre
Teaching is v.good here (mon am trauma teaching, fri am elective ortho teaching, tues lunchtime combined meeting +/- XR teaching) every week.

Tips on which boss can give which type of experience

  • Mr Flynn does great arthroscopy, hips (Exeter, hybrids, C on C), TKR (Scorpio), UKR (Oxford) , paediatric practice
  • Mr Wallace does great shoulder stuff, lots of scopes, some hemis, lots of proximal humeral trauma (PHILOS plates, prox humeral nails, humeral plates), also has a strange affinity for a very broad range of orthopaedic procedures (eg. Foot tendon transfers + the like.
  • Mr Floyd does good spinal stuff, primary hips and revision hips, and is an exceptional teacher.
  • Mr Wetherill does hands, he is v.bright and a v.good teacher, but I have never actually operated with him on an elective list. On trauma  lists, however, he has a great teaching style I'm not scrubbing, but I'll stand here and let you get on with it. Imagine I'm blonde and a nurse.
  • Mr Khalik does a paeds list x1-2 month. Otherwise hips, knees and feet. Generally very good at letting you do things, if you're not in teaching (Weds pm list)
  • Miss Webber mainly does lower limb with an interest in revisions which she likes to do in her Wednesday all day list. Have a large breakfast!

Top Tips
Mess is v.good, has a pool table, microwave food in the fridge, a drugs rep most Monday lunchtimes bringing food. Generally full of orthopods, and surgeons
Canteen is distinctly average, and a little pricey
Nurses and wards are pretty standard. Both wards have excellent nursing sisters who are both very helpful
A+E is pretty standard. (The 2 consultants are helpful and have a good working relationship with orthopaedics.)
There are 3 staff car parks, with a new multi storey car park


Oli Pearce(originally) updated by Derfel Williams Nov 2008

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